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Stephen Lowe has worked as actor, director, artistic director as well as playwright. Born in Nottingham, he graduated with a BA combined Hons (English/ Theatre Studies) from Birmingham University, where he also did post-graduate research. He now divides his time between his home town of Nottingham and his house in the Languedoc in Southern France. He is married to the actress Tanya Myers, and has three children. He is a council member of Arts Council England (ACE) and chair of ACE -East Midlands. Lowe's plays have been staged at London's Royal Court, Royal Shakesperian Company,Stratford East, Hampstead Theatre, as well as premiered at most of the leading repertory theatres including Birmingham rep, Nottingham Playhouse , Sheffield Crucible, Liverpool Playhouse, as well as with touring companies like Joint Stock or his own company, Meeting Ground. He has worked with theatre and tv/film directors and producers including Richard Eyre, Bill Gaskill, Steven Daldrey, Danny Boyle, David Leveux , Annie Casteldine, Alan Dossor, Thaddeus O'Sullivan, Michael Wearing, and the award-winning New Zealand team that created the film Once were Warriors. His work has been translated and performed throughout the world and twelve of his stage plays are published by Methuen.

From the summer of 2005. He finished writing again for Coronation Street, for whom he's written over a hundred episodes.. His new play THE SPIRIT OF THE MAN , a tribute to Brian Clough, premiered for Nottingham Playhouse in June 2005 directed by Alan Dossor. Before a national tour the following year. THE FOX AND THE LITTLE VIXENS toured in 2006. He has three plays set for productions in 2008- DEVIL'S LEAGUE for Derby Playhouse, SMILE- New Perspectives/ Lakeside theatre- and GLAMOUR Nottingham Playhouse.

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