Cries From A Watchtower
BBC TV Play for Today 1979 Producer Richard Eyre.
A small time watchmaker is hit by the new silicon chip technology 

BBC 2 60 minutes as part of PLAYS FOR TOMORROW series 1981
The youth of 2001 re-connect with 80's Peace Protestors. Starring Neil Pearson 

Unstable Elements. 
Film NewsReel/ Channel 4. 1983

Kisses on the Bottom
BBC 2 1984
A comedy where the cahacters of sea-side postcards come alive

Tell Tale Hearts
3 parts thriller BBC Scotland 1990 dir. Starring Emma Fielding, Bill Patterson. Directed by Thaddeus O'Sullivan. 
Investigations of a serial child murderer expose hidden fears in all involved. 

Ice Dance
BBC 1 1990 director Alan Dossor. Starring Warren Clarke. Producer Mike Wearing.
Two young Nottingham kids try to emulate Torville and Dean 

Flea Bites
BBC 1 1992 director Alan Dossor. starring Nigel Hawthorne. Producer Mike Wearing.
A Survivor of the camps teaches a young boy the mystery of a flea-circus 

Scarlet & Black
BBC classical 4 hour adaptation 1993 starring Ewan McGregor and Rachel Weisz. Dir. Ben Bolt. Producer Mike Wearing. 
Stendahl's masterpiece of young love & passion 

ABC/ NZ tv. 8-hour historical drama with COMMUNICADO, the NZ producers of ONCE WERE WARRIORS. 1999.
The 'adventure' story of the first white settlers and the subsequent 'colonisation' of the land. 

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